Openezi aspirator tips – Combined Dental Evacuation Device

Dr Simon Wakefield from Openezi asked us to produce a device to be used by dentists and dental nurses to remove saliva and debris from a patient mouth during routine procedures.

The device was to incorporate the “evacuation” function of a traditional suction tube, with a bite block, used by dentists to keep a patient’s mouth open during a procedure.

The benefit would be to allow dental nurses to carry on with other activities during a procedure.

How we worked with Openezi

provided Simon with a range of concepts and a proof-of-concept
prototype to test for usability, functionality, and patient need.

then provided an initial regulatory review of the device; and its
classification and regulatory pathway.

worked on several iterations of the prototype; starting with laser
scanning over 20 patient teeth impressions. We used this data in
virtual 3D cad format, to help establish optimum dimensions of the
whole device, and critical areas such as bite angles.

Regulatory guidance

well as developing the device, our patent attorney Martin White
advised Simon on the intellectual property landscape; which has led
to Simon successfully filing for for a worldwide patent.

The End result

the creation and management of the technical file, we have produced a
mouldable design that is almost ready for launch.